Read Faster, Focus and Retain More.

All the best learners are learning with us.
You can too. At any age.

Read Faster, Focus and Retain More.

All the best learners are learning with us.
You can too. At any age.

Hi, I'M Katya Seberson!

Do you want to read faster, excel at math and science, study less and retain everything you learn? We can help.

I started ExecutiveMind for reasons that are more personal in nature: I was diagnosed with Dyslexia at the age of 8. Because I had a hard time handling it, I had to struggle through all my schooling. While maintaining perfect grades in school and college, I was FAKING reading comprehension until I was 19 years old. I worked on my problem by the thorough self-study of phonics, observing and imitating what good readers did to improve comprehension. I fixed my reading issues through self-experimentation. Now, I share my insights with others.

Over time, I developed my own methodology for better learning, and I am glad I did. The program quickly gained momentum and client success stories spread like wildfire.

In 2020, I have a thriving practice in the heart of New York City where my team and I offer individualized services to students all over the world. We run a popular YouTube Channel and publish books. One is on Speed Reading, another is on the SAT® Vocabulary. Both books are getting raving reviews on Amazon and Good Reads.



Percent of American adults read at the level of a fourth-grader or below


Percent of information we learn will be forgotten the next day?


Percent of the remaining knowledge
will be dismissed in FIVE days.

Speed Reading
Katya Seberson
SAT®  Vocabulary

Areas of focus


Emphasis on increasing reading speed on paper, computer screen, tablet or your phone by two to three times and improving comprehension as well.


Build a strong math foundation and get rid of your math anxiety. Understand Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Geometry and many other Science Concepts. Learn to perform mental math accurately and fast.

ACT and
SAT® training

Identify which test your brain is better suited for. ACT or SAT® ? Spot the areas that need improvement and build knowledge and skills necessary to excel at Quantitative and Verbal parts of the test. Learn the habits of the 99th percentile students.

SAT® and

Learn how to solve verbal analogies, improve reading comprehension, avoid answer traps, lean the arithmetic and math concepts you need to know for you High School Admission Test.


Regardless of which Standardized Test you are taking, you need to learn lots of vocabulary. At ExecutiveMind we developed a fun method that works. Words are learn effortlessly and memories last!

Learning and
Memory Skills

Proven techniques that help you retain more - be it names of people you met or critical inputs from a book, details from a long document or company TRAINING.

Reading and writing are reciprocal processes. The more language patterns you recognize in text, the better writer you become.

Katya Seberson

Solutions For Professionals



Weekend Group Session in
our New York Office

Speed Reading
Memory BootCamp


1:1 Coaching

Our Office or Your Office or anywhere in the world through telepresence

Speed Reading, Effective Reading,
Memory, Learning, Productivity

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We Currently Have TWO Self-paced ONLINE courses

Learning from Video Courses
5 Steps to
Better Memory

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Solutions For Young Learners


  Group lessons

Group test prep online

Reading, Fluency, Comprehension,
Executive Functioning, Organization,Memory,
Math and Science Training, Effective Learning Skills.

AGES: 16 - 20

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 Complete SAT and ACT prep

Reading comprehension

Reading Comprehension, Executive Functioning, Organization, Memory, Effective Learning Skills.

AGES: 9 - 19

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Test prep Books

Speed reading techniques and SAT vocabulary workbook.

AGES: 12 - 18

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Solutions For Corporations

Lunch & Learn


90-minute Seminar

Executive Functioning, Organization, Memory, Effective Learning Skills.

Half-Day Workshop

Building Foundations

4 Hours of Instruction + breaks

Speed Reading, Remember Everything You Learn, Increase Your Training ROI.

Full-Day Workshop

Developing Skills

6 Hours of Instruction + breaks

Speed Reading and Information Extraction, Five steps to a Better Memory, Focus and Learn better.

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Hear it from the horse's mouth

Efficiency in reading

Using the techniques Katya taught during her Speed Reading and Memory Training Bootcamp, I have greatly increased my reading speed without sacrificing information retention. As a coach with a busy schedule, I especially appreciate tools such as these that help me increase my efficiency and precision!

@Melanie Fox, NYC
Coach at Speech Fox

I can get through tons of technical text.

My reading involves books in Maths and Engineering, basically a lot of technical documentation. Katya's bootcamp helped me be more efficient and sift through hundreds of pages of text and pick the meatier stuff.

@Dan Molly , NYC
Math Instructor

Reading is fun again

Katya makes you want to learn, she makes you want to improve (your reading skills), and makes you realize that you can improve in a easy way. I now spend less time on reading everyday and what is more valuable than time.

@Tina Larsson, NYC
President at Folson Group

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