Are you falling asleep while reading

Katya , 06-28-2016

A lot of ExecutiveMind clients complain about getting sleepy while reading.

When we ask them about their reading position, things become clear right away. They are reading while laying down!

Why is it bad?

In simple terms, our brain has two awarenesses: body awareness and mind awareness. As we go through the workday, we constantly switch from mind to body and back to mind again.

Think of a time when you were working on a challenging project that required your full attention and you forgot to eat lunch? That is an example of full mind awareness. For contrast, recall the last time you had a headache or a stomach ache that was so overpowering that you couldn’t think about anything else. Those are extreme examples of mind and body awareness.

Which awareness is critical for reading?

Reading is a form of a mental workout and it requires total participation of your brain. To fully focus on the book, you must be in your mind awareness mode.

What happens when we lay down?

When we lay down, we usually stretch our legs in front of us. Now, we see our legs, even if it’s only in the peripheral vision. We begin to think more about our body and how tired we are, then about the plot or the concepts described in the book. We begin to move from mind to body awareness.

Due to a current epidemic of under-sleeping and over-working our brain shifts to rest and as a result, we lose a train of thought and fall asleep.

What reading position is ideal for focus?

It is much easier to focus and stay in your mind when you don’t see your legs or body at all. Below is a list of 5 favorable positions for focused reading.

Position # 1

Sitting at a table with your feet flat on the floor. Tabletop provides a blockage panel between your eyes and your legs.

When you push yourself closer to the table, you eliminate the chances of seeing your physical parts and shifting from mind awareness to body awareness.

Position # 2

Sitting on a chair or bench without stretching your feet forward.

Position # 3

Standing Up.

Position #4

Laying in bed with a blanket over your legs and feet.

Position # 5

Laying on a stomach.

Read on and let us know how this change has impacted your focus.

For more information on reading and focus check out our live class.